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Preparing students for life, work, and citizenship requires a global perspective 


Medialogues on Propaganda is a year-long Professional Learning Community or German and American educators and teacher educators, developed by Renee Hobbs (University of Rhode Island USA) and Silke Grafe (University of Würzburg, Germany).


We seek to bring a group of educators together for a regular series of dialogues to explore the complex changes underway in our post-pandemic reality, as we integrate digital learning back into schools. We seek to implement learning experiences that advance media literacy competencies for the learners we support. You will benefit from participating in this program if: 

You Have an Interest in Media Education & Digital Technology in Education  

  • You appreciate the potential of media and technology for lifelong learning

  • You have an interest in incorporating media literacy pedagogies into your own work

  • You enjoy learning about the different instructional strategies educators use to engage, challenge, and support learners 


You Recognize the Role of Contemporary Propaganda in Civic Life  

  • You have an interest in protecting students from extremist ideologies that promote violence

  • You want to learn more about how media and technology influences democratic decision-making 

  • You appreciate encountering diverse perspectives and points of view

You're Globally Aware

  • You recognize the value of intercultural education exchange (even when no actual travel is involved)

  • You want to develop your second language skills or cultural understanding

  • You are curious about possibilities for global collaboration through the use of digital media 


You Want to Develop Knowledge and Expertise  

  • You appreciate an opportunity to get personalized coaching from world-class experts in their field

  • You want to build your professional portfolio for career advancement

  • You are a lifelong learner who craves opportunities for rich dialogue and discussion that deepens your relationships and widens opportunities 

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Be Part of It

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In the Fall/WInter of 2021, educators and teacher educators will gather for online dialogue. We will build meaningful relationships built on respect and trust. In this co-learning community, everyone learns from everyone.